Should any Member Club have a clash of colours, Member Clubs may arrange for loan guernseys from The League at a cost of $30 for each set of 25 guernseys. These fees will be invoiced to the Member Club.

  • The care of loan guernseys are the responsibility of the Member Club. In particular:
  • The guernseys are to be returned to the League Office no later than the Tuesday afternoon following the match in which they were loaned.
  • They must be clean and dry when returned to the League Office.
  • They must be washed in cold water.
  • They must not be placed in a hot dryer.
  • They are to be returned in the same condition as when loaned, including the repairs of any torn guernseys.
  • The number of guernseys returned to The League must reconcile with the number of guernseys initially collected by the Member Club. The Member Club will be invoiced for the cost of any replacement guernseys.