Each Member Club in every Division must appoint a Match Day Official.

For a full list of the duties to be carried out by the Match Day Official, refer to Rule 28.

      • Failure to supply a Match Day Official will result in a fine being issued


      • A Member Club shall supply a field, boundary and/or goal umpire(s) when directed by The League
      • Member Club appointed umpires shall have the same power as if appointed by The League and abide by the same Rules and Regulations.
      • Field umpires supplied by a Member Club shall remain in their club's back half of the playing field for the duration of all matches.
      • All field umpires must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age.
      • All boundary and goal umpires must be a minimum of fourteen (14) years of age.
      • If a Member Club fails to provide a field umpire it will be liable to a fine not exceeding $500


The Umpiring Manager shall appoint and allocate umpires for matches conducted by The League. It is a priority for the Adelaide Footy that Umpires registered with The League are appointed to Adelaide Footy matches. Matches, including B Division, scheduled for ANZAC Day, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday will have field, boundary and goal umpires appointed by Adelaide Footy whenever possible. When there is a bye round in Division One, available umpires shall be appointed to an alternate Division. League umpires will be appointed subject to availability.


All League appointed umpires in all Divisions shall be paid in cash by the Match Day Official from the Home Team on the day of the match. There are 2 categories of umpires; 'Panel' and 'Recreational' which are paid different amounts (refer Umpire Fees).