Where time on is added a timekeeper is to add time on, and to cease doing so, when any of the following occur:

  • Start time on when indicated by a field umpire (raised hand and whistle blown) that there is a delay in play. Cease this time on when a field umpire indicates (repeats raised hand and whistle blown) or when it is obvious to the timekeeper that play has re-started.
  • Start time on when a boundary umpire signals that the ball is out of bounds (raised hand and whistle blown). Cease this time on when the boundary umpire throws the ball back into play.
  • Start time-on after a goal or behind is scored as the goal umpire indicates a goal or behind has been scored. Cease this time on when a field umpire re-starts play by throwing the ball up in the centre of the playing field after a goal has been scored or after the ball is kicked back into play after a behind has been scored.

If further clarification is required regarding time on refer to Rules 30.9 & 30.10.