As per The League's Rules and Regulations (Rule 30) the following match rules apply on match day:

  • Each club in every Division must supply a suitable Sherrin football.
  • Each club in every Division must provide goal flags of material not less than 50cm square
  • Each Member Club in every Division must supply a timekeeper. Both timekeepers shall remain together throughout each quarter of the match.

The HOME Member Club in every Divsion is also responsible for the following on Match Day

  • Ensure umpire's and player's change rooms are clean and secure.
  • Supply accessible coach's boxes.
  • Supply an Interchange Steward in all Divisions.
  • Supply a scoreboard attendant in all Divisions.
  • Goal posts and point posts are fixed in their proper positions with suitable protective padding.
  • Provide a suitable and audible siren, bell or horn.
  • Provide a stretcher to be placed in a safe position on the boundary at the interchange area.
  • Ensure the playing field is properly marked with:
    • Boundary line, goal squares and a centre square
    • A centre circle three metres in diameter and an outer circle 10 metres in diameter located in the middle of the centre square.
    • An interchange area 15 metres wide centralised between the two coaches boxes.
    • A line drawn in the shape of an arc 50 metres from the goal/behind posts at each end of the playing field
    • A clear spectator's line or fence at least 3 metres outside the boundary line.
  • Fines are imposed for non-compliance of any of the above Match Rules.

Member Clubs may request a donation at any match of The League but cannot enforce a fee upon any person attending.

Member Clubs are permitted to impose a fee for car park entry into Member Club's grounds.

Alcoholic or any drinks in glass are not permitted to be taken onto to the playing field at any time.