Adelaide Footy League

The 2020 Rules and Regulations were presented for approval by the clubs on the 29th February 2020.

The amendments for 2020 will predominately be

The merging of the Mens and Womens rules into the one document. Unless specified the rules will relate to all competitions.

*SEASON UPDATE * Due to the likely shorten season amendments to the current Rules and Regulation are likely prior to the season commencing

2020 Rules & Regulations - Online

2020 Rules & Regulations - PDF Download

Affiliation Part 1 2020 (Due 31st Oct)

Affiliation Part 2 2020 (Due 28th Feb)

Handbook 2019

Annual Report 2018

Coaches Contract Template

SAAFL Constitution

Tribunal Reference Manual

Tribunal Penalty Guidelines


Tribunal Appeals Board

Guernsey Clashes

Guernsey Logo Specifications

Sports Concussion Policy

AdFL Concussion Policy

Member Protection Policy

Behavioural Rating System

The Behavioural Rating System (BRS) explained

Adelaide Footy Women

The Womens Rules and Regulations have been merged with the Mens to create one set of Rules for all competitions. The 2020 Rules will be presented for approval by the clubs on the 29th February 2020.

SA Community Football League

Rules & Regulations

Approved Player Points (APPS)

Total Player Payments (TPPS)

Declaration of No Player Payments


AFL Laws of Australian Football

National Player Transfer Regulation

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Appendix 1 SACFL Player Registration and Transfer Form

Appendix 2 SACFL Player Withdrawal of Transfer Form

Appendix 3 SACFL Transfer Regulations

Appendix 4 SACFL Playing Contract

Appendix 5 Code of Behaviour

Appendix 6 SACFL Total Player Payments Key Areas

Appendix 7 Fines List

Appendix 8 Appeal of a Fine Issued

Appendix 9 Match Attire of Officials

Appendix 10 Application For a Permit For a Player To Play In The Major Round

Appendix 11 Criteria for a Certificate of Merit

Appendix 12 Certificate of Merit Application Form


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