SportsTG Issue - Placing coaches on teamsheets


Clubs have been having issues with some coaches being unable to be selected on teamsheets

SportsTG have supplied the following information to rectify the issue.

It has come to our attention that there has been a slight issue regarding the selection of a coach this past weekend.

Late last week a change was made by SportsTG which updated some back-end logic regarding coach accreditations. This has unfortunately affected a small number of coaches and the ability for them to be selected to a team sheet.

The change that was made added another ‘Check & Balance’ to the coach drop-down list. Prior to the weekend a coach was able to be selected to a team sheet if they were registered to a club and had an active accreditation, however this did not specify the registration ‘type’. Therefore, a coach that had completed their accreditation but had not selected their club on CoachAFL could be selected to a team sheet as a coach if they were registered as a different ‘member type’ (e.g. Player, Official). The change made by SportsTG now ensures that for a coach to be selected they must have an active accreditation and be registered as a ‘Coach’ member to that club.

Fortunately, this can be easily fixed by prompting the coach to login to their CoachAFL account and update their Coaching Role in their profile with their current club details. I have attached a one-page guide which can be forwarded to coaches affected if they require any guidance on how to quickly fix this issue.

I sincerely apologise for any issues that this may have caused over the weekend. As stated, this change has only affected a small number of coaches and can be managed simply through the steps take in the attached document.

If clubs require additional support please direct them to contact the support team at

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