Changes to Under 18s Programs


In the first three rounds of Under 18 competition, there has been some significant blowouts in the score for some matches. We accept there are blowouts in footy but the consistency of some of these have us weary that if the League allows it to continue, we risk a number of clubs having to forfeit their Under 18 teams due to their players losing interest caused by continued big losses throughout the season. Unfortunately with the smaller number of 18s we have this year, losing just one team pushes a competition over the edge for us to be able to facilitate a healthy competition.

Before you to seek an opportunity to voice your opinion, The League readily accepts the timing is not ideal however we are dealing with what we have and see no other solution to arrive at the outcome we have with the time frame we have to do it so don’t think you’re going to get an argument from us.

Some clubs, particularly those who have no experience of a scoreboard thrashing to date may not identify with the rationale used however we are tasked with making decisions to ensure as many of these young blokes have a game of footy as possible conscious of the fact they are at an age they could quite possibly be doing something else other than playing footy which is not helpful to anyone and you can be rest assured, not doing anything would quite likely be a worse outcome for everyone, even those who have plenty of playing numbers and are sitting 2 and 1 or 3 zip.

The League’s Football Committee have determined that the best option is to regrade a number of teams to even up competitions even if it’s only on the scoreboard. This will be effective immediately.

To achieve this, we have created two six-team competitions (Blue and Yellow) which will play fifteen rounds, playing each other three times. Both Competitions will play a three week, top four Finals series.

The Red competition will be a seven-team competition. They will play a fourteen round season with byes. 7 Teams makes this completely unavoidable though clearly selection in off weeks in a clubs seniors is an option. To accommodate, that competition will play a four week, top five finals series.

We have produced a draw in conjunction with the SANFL Juniors to limit the clashes however beyond this week there are some fixtures that we will need to work through with SANFL Juniors and clubs to rectify.

The Divisions will be as follows

Flinders Park
Golden Grove
Goodwood Saints
Payneham NU
Port District

Brighton Bombers
North Haven
SMOSH West Lakes
Woodville South

Gepps Cross
Tea Tree Gully

As a result we are releasing this week’s draw, The remaining draws are now online

This Weeks matches will be

Flinders Park v Golden Grove Flinders Park Oval
Henley v Broadview Henley Memorial Oval
Goodwood Saints v Payneham NU Goodwood Oval
Port District v Bye

North Haven v Edwardstown Largs North Reserve
Kenilworth v Brighton Bombers St Mary’s Park
SMOSH West Lakes v Woodville South West Lakes Shore Oval

Tea Tree Gully v Gaza Pertaringa Oval
Gepps Cross v Modbury Duncan Fraser Reserve
Hectorville v Athelstone Daly Oval

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